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Scenes From A Golf Course

Yeah, there are plenty of lists of great “golf movies”, this is not one of those. This is a list of movies with scenes incorporating golf.

The truth is, not many of us can identify with those golfing movies. The main character is a winner. He is a great golfer, or almost great golfer, in the game of his life. He always wins something in the end. Yeah, right.

Most of us golf as a hobby. We are lucky if we can get away from our families once a week to enjoy some time off with friends. These movies are a better reflection of that experience.

Some you have seen for sure, others you will be embarrassed to admit.


A group of young hollywood upstarts could be out partying (which they do for most of the movie) but instead choose a public golf course as the backdrop for a deep brotherly conversation. Two guys, contemplating their current situation, over a terrible game of golf. Personally, I think the fact that they are terrible is my favorite part.

Hall Pass

What happens when you add “medication” to the mix for some middle-aged men? oh the fun they have breaking every rule, and some the club didnt think it had to make.

Animal House

Animal House; when bad boys played golf

Hit the horse with that golf ball! That poor horse, i wonder if PETA was after them for all the terrible things they do to it.

The Sweetest Thing

Boy meets girl, boy goes to the driving range with his brother and grandfather before his wedding. Ever aim for the guy in the ball gathering cart? these two sure do.


Get your drink on! One of the few moments in this movie without a glass of merlot. Just remember: dont talk to me while I am trying to hit the ball AND dont hit into the group in front of you. Just bad manners.

High School Musical 2

I know, who wants to admit they have seen this. Well i have a tween-age daughter so it is ok, ok? Handsome Zac Efron works at a country club with his entire high school. havent suspended disbelief yet? This dancing basketball player is better at golf then every other person he plays with. But he still wants to sing and dance his pain away.

What are some of your favorite golf moments on film?


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