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Free Pattern: Knit Dog Coat

This is my mom’s dog Paco. He is a Portugese Waterdog. He is also a growing puppy, always on the move. Being in the only dog in the family, and the only baby, you can imagine he is a little spoiled. He had to have a brand new handmade knit sweater from his favorite big sister.
dog sweater4


Worsted Weight Acrylic Yarn (shown in Red Heart Camo)
Size 13 knitting needles
2 pieces of velcro
darning needle
sewing needle


13 stitches = 4 inches

dog sweater3


with yarn doubled Cast on 56 stitches
k1 p1 across
continue for 3″

cast on an additional 4 stitches at the end of the next 2 rows
1)k1 p1 first 8 stitches, k48, k1 p1 to end of row
2)k1 p1 first 8 stitches, p48, k1 p1 to end of row
continue for 13″


1)k1 p1 first 8 stitches, k2to, k46, k1 p1 to end of row
2)k1 p1 first 8 stitches, p2to, p45, k1 p1 to end of rowcontinue in this way (decreasing after the first 8 stitches) until piece measures 19″

continue decreasing while knitting across in k1p1 pattern until piece measures 21″
be sure to knit the purls and purl the knits!

dog sweater1cast off

pick up 6 stitches about halfway down on one side
knit until piece measures 3″
cast off

Sew in your ends and sew on your velcro and you are done!

Want to learn how to knit or need a refresher? be sure to check out my video tutorials on youtube.

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2 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Knit Dog Coat

  1. What a great pattern! I don’t have to pull it over her head, something she just doesn’t like.

  2. Thanks for the great tutorial!

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