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Nerd Vs Geek… vs Dork?

A nerd, as depicted by Dr Seuss in A Day at the Zoo.

I have had this debate before, Geek Vs Nerd, but I have never brought the Dorks into it. Why not? Because geeks and nerds are more often confused, while poor dorks are left to themselves to be dim and socially awkward.

This comic, which was shared with me through, hits the point close to home. The three words do share a common trait, that of social awkwardness, and are often used interchangeably by those that don’t understand their nuances.

Where do you fall within these categories?

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Driving through the Stargate

Kurt Russell is an actor best known for his tough guy roles like Snake Plisskin (Escape from LA) and Jack Burton (Big Trouble in Little China). You may even know him as superhero dad The Commander (Sky High). Off screen he is an avid golfer and is ranked as number 21 of the top 100 golfers in Hollywood.

Kurt’s love of golf is so strong that he has brought the game to several roles. In the movie Overboard, his character designs and builds a mini-golf course based on the 7 wonders of the world. While filming Stargate, they added a scene of Colonel Jack O’Neil hitting balls through time and space.

One wonders if he brings his clubs with him to the set, ya know, just in case.

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Viva la Revolution!

Picture it, 1776, a group of upstarts meet to draft a letter declaring war on the government. Their goal: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Who knew that this collection of rebels would be the founders of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Celebrate the independence of the USA with this collection of handmade items, all made right here.

‘Revolution!’ by TraceyKnits
Celebrating the declaration of independence on the 4th of July. The day the representatives of the American colonies signed and delivered their vision to King George, that “all men are created equal”.

Liberty Bell Picture – Indep…


Sampler Heart USA – Cross st…


Revolution Flag Patriotic Am…


Delaware Photography, Horse …


Water Color : George Washing…


Vintage Bicentennial Freedom…


American Cap-italism


10 Unused 1972 Ben Franklin …


Mens Vintage White Red Blue …


American Art: Reproductions …


Statue of Liberty Ladies Shi…


Paul Rand Cover Art ~ The D…


Washington DC Art – Jefferso…


Patriotic Golf Visor


revolution hashtag #revoluti…


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