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Viva la Revolution!

Picture it, 1776, a group of upstarts meet to draft a letter declaring war on the government. Their goal: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Who knew that this collection of rebels would be the founders of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Celebrate the independence of the USA with this collection of handmade items, all made right here.

‘Revolution!’ by TraceyKnits
Celebrating the declaration of independence on the 4th of July. The day the representatives of the American colonies signed and delivered their vision to King George, that “all men are created equal”.

Liberty Bell Picture – Indep…


Sampler Heart USA – Cross st…


Revolution Flag Patriotic Am…


Delaware Photography, Horse …


Water Color : George Washing…


Vintage Bicentennial Freedom…


American Cap-italism


10 Unused 1972 Ben Franklin …


Mens Vintage White Red Blue …


American Art: Reproductions …


Statue of Liberty Ladies Shi…


Paul Rand Cover Art ~ The D…


Washington DC Art – Jefferso…


Patriotic Golf Visor


revolution hashtag #revoluti…


History of Old Glory United …


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Captain Amazing takes on lost golf balls

Greg Kinnear may have been nominated for an Oscar for his role in “As Good As it Gets”, but he has played a wide range of characters including Mystery Men’s Captain Amazing. He is also an amazing celebrity golfer,

While filming one of his many roles, Kinnear had inspiration for a new invention, a golf ball finder.

He explains, “I play golf a little bit and I don’t know why somebody can’t invent an electronic ball finder for $29.95. It’s a great father’s day gift and it would sell off the racks.
“When a mediocre golfer can’t find a ball that is four feet from them is baffling to me in the year 2008.
“That’s my big invention that I’m putting out into the world. Obviously I do want credit and I will sue you if take that without my consultation rights.” – Express UK, 2008

I wonder if the makers of BallFinder Scout know Kinnear called dibs on their product.

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Voting has begun

Have you ever dreamed of a having your business featured in a Super Bowl commercial? I know I have. That is why I, along with many other small businesses across the country, have entered Intuit’s Small Business Big Game competition.

How it works: follow this link to the site and vote. Then share it with your friends. Share it with your enemies. Then come back again tomorrow. The more you vote and share, the better chance Tracey Knits will win its very own prime time commercial.

Want to enter your business too? go ahead! make sure to share your link too so we can share the love.