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Just keep knitting… Deep in the Golf season, orders are coming in at a steady pace. Now that it is after Father’s Day, most of them are custom orders. People who have dreamed up something they cant seem to find anywhere else and don’t need to wait for a special occasion. I love these people :)


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Cascade Yarns

When I am not working on golf club covers, I have been working on new patterns. I know, very exciting. After the success of selling my first pattern to Cascade Yarns, and of course all of my other patterns available through my own website and ravelry, I felt it was time to jump back in and get some more designs out in the world. Who will you get your sports geekery from if not me?

I am also considering expanding my video tutorials on youtube. Currently I have covered basic knitting skills, and some thing I use in my patterns. I think it is time to delve into knitting topics that are not covered by most teachers. Maybe things like how to know if a pattern is at your skill level. Or figuring out how long something will take you to make. Got ideas you would like to see me cover? or a sporty pattern you just cant seem to find that I could design?


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Alone time in the car, I love cranking up the old school hip-hop station. They play everything from hard core classics like Public Enemy to cheesy party tunes. Parents just don’t understand by dj jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince falls into the later category.

Of course I know all the lyrics, it was the battle cry of my youth, but now as a parent, I hear it differently. Here is a list of some of the things I noticed while listening as an adult:

  • money: in the first verse we hear about how his mom is being cheap with his school clothes, then in the next verse we learn that they have a brand new Porsche and are vacationing without their kids. I guess being cheap is how she can afford all that luxury for herself.
  • time together: the same mom who made a 16 year old go back to school shopping with her leaves her kids behind without a babysitter to go on vacation.
  • six hours: he gets home from school and tries to explain for hours that he was being bullied. Boy, does she not care about this kids feelings.
  • more money: he is driving a Porsche and taking a girl to McDonalds. way to impress, but I guess 12 year old’s impress easily. and if he has his own money, why doesn’t he use it to buy his own clothes?
  • morality: he molests a 12 year old girl and what he is worried about is getting grounded.

what songs have you been forced to rethink as an adult that you loved as a kid?


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Walk NJ for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Walk NJ for Pancreatic Cancer Research

In November of 2013, my mother, Laurie Harris, passed away. Her killer, Pancreatic Cancer, is still at large.

My mother fought with everything she had, including rallying her friends and family to support research. One of those organizations was The Lustgarten Foundation.

100% of all money donated to The Lustgarten Foundation is given to Pancreatic Cancer research.

I will be walking without my mother for the first time this year so that others don’t have to suffer the same fate. We would love for you to join Team Laurie Harris, but if you cannot make it to Monmouth University in Long Branch, NJ on June 7th, you can still donate to our team and be there in spirit.

Please click here to join our team or donate, and be sure to share our story.


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