It has turned my world upside down; the news that the world’s most famous cat is not, in fact, a cat.

This year, Hello Kitty celebrates her 40th birthday. In celebration, there will be a retrospective at the Japanese American National Museum, and the first Hello Kitty Con, both in Los Angeles, California.

The fact that Kitty is not a cat came as news to the organizers of her exhibit. While preparing the text, the author was corrected “firmly” by Sanrio. You can read her full back story here.

I remember Hello Kitty fondly from my youth. You were not cool in elementary if you didn’t have a Sanrio pencil case. I still have my lead pencils bearing her likeness. It wasn’t until I was an adult that Sanrio opened stores in the USA, making the assortment of swag much easier to access. Kitty has been covered in diamonds and put on t-shirts, sent into space and worn by Lady Gaga. This little girl has come a long way from her humble beginnings in my desk.



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Shopping: Dr Who

YAY! New Dr Who!

I have to admit, I was late to the game. I didn’t start watching the show on Hulu until last year. I wanted to watch from the VERY beginning but 50 years of shows is an awful lot to catch up on. So I skipped a few years and began again with the 9th doctor, or as the world thinks of him, Rose’s companion. Who knew; addicted. Pun intended.

So in celebration of our newest incarnation of the Last Time Lord, here are some great etsy items made just for you:

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552 is a lot of anything, and there are few television shows that can claim that number. 21 years of an animated sitcom featuring a beloved dysfunctional family seems impossible. The Simpsons have become a landmark in a fast paced, ever changing landscape.

I remember watching The Tracy Ullman Show (yes, I am that old) and seeing the then wiggly and weird family for the first time. I have seen every episode, first run, on Sunday night since the series began. I did “The Bartman”. I spent the summer figuring out who shot Mr Burns. When I am young I am Lisa, when I am older I am Marge.


Golfing adventures with The SImpsons

Golfing adventures with The Simpsons

FXX began its marathon of every episode ever made on August 21st, 2014. in celebration, Back9network has put together a list of their favorite golfing moments. Remember when Homer and Marge get caught “fooling around” in the windmill on the mini-golf course? well they do.

Check out all the fun golfing moments in Back9Network’s list here, and watch the Simpsons on FXX now. Oh, and while you do all that, knit yourself a set of Homer and Marge golf club covers. The pattern is available free here.


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