Toy Story Tears

Are you old enough to remember when the first Toy Story film was released? Better question: did you become a parent in between the time of the first movie and the last?

Time, as it does, passes, and life sends us on many journeys. Few films have traveled those roads with us as the Toy Story films. It is hard enough to create one compelling children’s animated picture, but a series of 3, all whose impact is as great if not greater then the last.

toy story3When I saw the first episode in 1995 I was still a young woman. Finding my way with friends and family, identifying with Buzz Lightyear about discovering and accepting myself for who I was.

Episode 2 was released in 1999. All you have to do is play a Sarah Mclachlan tune and my eyes well up with tears. I cried for my dolls I left behind. Fortunately, my mother was a bit of a packrat so most of them were safely stored away.

In 2010 when the last episode was released I was no longer a child. I had two children of my own who I watched the film with. When Andy’s mom sends him away to college, I just cant control myself.

So when a received a request for a set of Woody and Jessie golf club covers, I said YEEEEE-HA! Happy to make all your rootin’ tootin’ dreams come true.


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Ah, the 90′s. A time of great change in the world and my life. A time filled with ups and downs, some I wish to remember, some to forget. Music, for better or worse, is the soundtrack of that time.

Remember the Bee Girl?

So when I went to the gym today and heard the song that tortured me the first few weeks of college I was a tad disappointed. Then when the next one played I began getting irritated. Ah, a ray of hope! The next song I actually like and the trainer went over and skipped it. Song after song reminding me of drunk frat boys and stupid girls wearing too much makeup and too little clothing dancing on a sticky floor around a keg.

Funny part is, i thought I liked the 90′s. I have fond memories linked to music. Wu-tang, Biggie, Madonna, Spice Girls… see a pattern? I definitely lean towards to Rap/pop side of things. I did like rock too though, I saw Marilyn Manson and NIN live. I guess there was just history I didn’t want to remember with each of the songs I heard today.

The best example is “No Rain” by Blind Melon. My freshman year of college, like many people, I had a suitemate I did not get along with. She and I could not find common ground on anything, and neither of us was willing to try. One holiday weekend, she went home and left her stereo blasting and her door locked. The song on repeat? “No Rain” of course. Three days and nights of that song every time I was in my room.

So hearing this story, do you understand my agitation as I am struggling to lift weights and have to listen to it, and other such music? Never again, i say.


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Playing the Doctor

Why So Serious?

Have you played Dr Who? I am not talking about Cosplay, I am talking about the Tabletop card game.

My son was given the game as a gift last Hanukkah by his grandmother. He had recently discovered the series (with our encouragement) and wanted to get his hands on everything. Luckily for him, local retail was eager to sell him anything painted blue and timey whiney.

We had not opened the card game because frankly we are not a tabletop game family. My son and husband love playing video games, and though we have a collection of classics, we have never taken to sitting around, taking turns, and playing nicely.

Because it is labeled Dr Who, my son was determined we would play this. We broke out the instructions and tried our best.

We should have started trying our best a little earlier in the night because it took us a good half hour to understand what the hell we were doing. Now please take into consideration, we have never played Pokemon and it has been years since my husband played Magic. I can barely understand poker, and my daughter was just happy to find out she could attack her brother without getting into trouble.

Sadly, the game had to be cut off early due to bedtime. No, not sadly, gladly, as I was totally overwhelmed by the experience. Maybe once I memorize the rules I will enjoy it. In the meanwhile, 52 pickup!


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