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Free pattern: kid’s mittens

Made for my son who is 8 years old, who found this yarn at a craft fair and asked me to make mittens. They fit his hands nicely. I cannot take credit for this pattern, it is based on the StarStruck Mittens, which is available for free on Ninapetrina’s Creative Corner. I have subtracted the star pattern and converted the measurements to inches for American knitters. In addition, I used the Kitten Knits thumb technique which uses waste yarn to pick up live stitches as an afterthought.

DK weight yarn
US size 4 DPN’s
waste yarn in contrasting color
darning needle

CO – cast on
K – knit
K2P2 – knit 2 purl 2 (rib stitch)
K2to – knit 2 together (decrease)

CO 40
K2p2 2″
K 12 rows
K3 pick up 1 k2 pick up 1 k
K 2 rows
K3 pick up 1 k4 pick up 1 k
K 1 row
K2, k8 onto waste yarn, put those 8 stitches back on left need and knit across
K2to before and after waste yarn 2 rows
K to 7″ from cast on edge
K6 k2to repeat across row
K5 k2to repeat across row
Continue to decrease this way until 10 stitches remain
K2to across
Cut yarn and thread through live stitches

Pick up stitches from waste yarn and one from either side of hole
Knit in the round for 2″
K2to around until 5 stitches remain
Cut yarn and thread through

Repeat for second mitten

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Free pattern: Super Fan Hooded Scarf

pattern available from cascade yarns

NY Giants Super Fan Hooded Scarf

I am so excited to share this with you! The Super Fan Hooded Scarf, which I designed, is now available for FREE from Cascade Yarns.

This unisex design, shown in the colors of the NY Giants, is great to wear on a cold day in the stands watching your favorite team play. It is

made in Cascade Yarn’s 220 superwash aran which can be washed when you get food on it while tailgating.

For this pattern you will need these techniques:
Casting on
Garter stitch
Picking up stitches
Casting off

And these supplies:
Us size 8 needles
Cascade 220 Aran superwash in 2 colors
4 balls of main color
2 of secondary
Darning needle

Share this pattern with other super fans and be sure to check out my other patterns here and in my shop.

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Stepping into Pro: knit pattern design

Becoming a professional knitter sounds daunting. Names like Elizabeth Zimmerman and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee come to mind. Yes, these are the women who reached the top, gaining iconic status amongst the fiber aficionados. But they ain’t the only ones.

In 2009 when I opened my shop, I only sold completed projects, thinking anyone who knit could “figure it out” like I did. I gave myself so little credit for my ability.

Not everyone can create something out of nothing!

No, I am not saying I am the next big thing, but I am saying I intend to write more. Sharing what I love to do AND making money doing it? I’m living the dream!

So now is the time people! What do you love to knit? What have you always dreamed of making but couldn’t find a pattern for? Let me know, it may just be the next thing on my list :)

Also, be sure to check out all the patterns already available on my Ravelry designer’s page.